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The Holmium Laser Safety Glasses are designed to protect your eyes against harmful laser radiation from Holmium, Yag and CO2 lasers. Properly wearing laser safety glasses is not only a crucial safety component, it is a requirement in all facilities where medical, surgical, cosmetic, or dental laser procedures are performed. By selecting the Holmium laser glasses you will keep your medical facility compliant with ANSI Z136.3 standards, intended for individuals working with high power Class 3B and Class 4 lasers and laser systems in healthcare.

While wearing Clear Yag Laser Glasses, you will experience excellent visible light transmission, giving you the ability to see your patient or object clearly. Because the filter is constructed of clear glass, the laser safety glasses have a wider range of frequencies for protection, they allow more visible light, and have better protection against direct laser strikes. Since these specific filters are made up entirely of glass, they are more durable and will last years longer. Other manufacturers only coat the top of their lens with protection, meaning that the slightest scratch compromises the safety of the filter and renders it unsafe. Since accidental laser radiation exposure can create permanent damages to the eye, it is important to match the operating wavelength to the laser safety eyewear, and know which type of laser you are working with. Universal Medical provides a wide range of frequencies in our Holmium laser glasses to keep your eyes safe against damaging laser radiation. By selecting Holmium laser safety glasses you can ensure your physicians, staff and patients complete eye protection with the highest quality in the industry.

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