Radiation Protection

Our radiation protection products include the must-haves in X-ray protection and radiology personal protective equipment, such as lead aprons, lead glasses, and lead shields. Our dental lead aprons, ideal for dentists and oral surgeons, highlight that many of our products have been designed for a specific medical specialty or procedure. Our accessory products further enhance radiation protection. Our thyroid shields extend the protection offered by a lead apron. Our lead apron racks protect your investment and keep lead aprons accessible to your radiology team. In interventional radiology, our Radiaxon Radiation Attenuation Gloves protect the hands from the cumulative effect of scatter radiation. For veterinarians caring for our furry friends, our Blue Vet Mitt protects the hands during radiography. Our broad range of patient shields make it easy to apply radiation protection to your patients. Our radiation protection products offset the increased risk of frequent exposure to radiation. Always protect your team and your patients.