Since 1983, Universal Medical, Inc. has been a solutions-focused leader in providing over 22,000 equipment, educational, and disposable products across a broad range, including radiation protection, clinical equipment, operating room equipment, and patient positioning/transfer.  Our staying power over more than 3 decades is an indicator of the value we deliver for health care professionals.

We Carry Leading Brands Plus Universal Medical Exclusives

Of course, across our site, you'll find products from leading brands, such as 3B Scientific, Clinton Industries, Harloff, Nasco, Parker Labs, Pedigo, and Philips Safety. A number of the products we carry are exclusive to Universal Medical. For example, we offer a papoose board that is both radiolucent and MRI-safe for medical imaging — at a lower price than competing products without these features. Our Disposable Self-Strap Restraint System is used by hospitals across the country from the OR to the ER to lower costs and reduce the spread of infection.

Professionals Dedicated To Delivering the Right Product and Lowering Your Costs

We’re pros at delivering the range of products you need to run your facility. We like finding solutions to your problems. A large hospital challenged us to lower their fast-find grid cost. Fast-find grids are a disposable tool used in CT guided biopsies and drainage procedures that save time and improve needle placement accuracy. In a matter of days, we provided samples of our grid. Their testing proved our grid was identical to the one they were using — but it cost over 29% less. We strive to deliver those same great results for every customer.

Fast Quotes On the Products You Need

Our state-of-the-art e-commerce platform makes online ordering and custom quoting easy. From disposable products you use every day to capital equipment, we make it easy to obtain a custom quote for sharing and review within your organization. Best of all, our dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team is available by phone, email, and live chat to guide you during the product selection process. We review every quote and take the time to suggest product alternatives that might better suit your needs or lower your cost.

We're a One-Stop Shop for Everything Medical

We understand the cost pressures that are ever-present in the health care industry. That’s why we’re focused on simplifying your procurement process by serving as your one-stop shop for everything medical and lowering your cost on the products you use every day.

Whether you're an X-ray technician looking to product your eyes from the harmful effects of radiation or a large health system with product needs that span critical hospital departments, from diagnostic imaging to lab to your OR, we're ready to respond to your specific needs.