Medical Labels

Our Medical Labels help your hospital or medical/dental practice document and flag medical conditions or specify prescriptions, call attention to characteristics of a diagnostic imaging film, organize healthcare records, and communicate important billing information to insurers and patients. Our Allergy Labels and Patient Advisory Labels document and effectively call attention to health conditions, medical alerts, and drug reactions.  They're also a great way to communicate record confidentiality and signature requirements.  Our Month Labels, Year Code Labels, and Color Code Labels help organize medical and healthcare records so that your medical team can more quickly retrieve information.  Whether in mammography or traditional X-ray film, our Diagnostic Imaging Labels call attention to important elements of the diagnostic image.  To smooth the billing process, our Billing Labels help communicate important billing information to both insurers and patients. A billing sticker marking a claim as a resubmission to consider for insurance benefits is a fast and efficient response to an unpaid claim.

Medical stickers are a small but very important part of record keeping in healthcare.  In a fast-paced medical environment, they communicate consistent and unambiguous messages.  They help prevent potentially life-threatening mistakes.  And they help accelerate billing collections for both insurers and patients alike.  With our broad range of medical labels, the links below are a fast way to find the label that meets your needs.