Shipping Information

Shipping Basics

Here are some basic facts about shipping your order:

  • Make sure the "ship to" address for your quote or order is accurate because "ship to" address errors lead to delivery delays and extra fees
  • Once you've entered your shipping address, shipping charges may be calculated in the shopping cart or will be displayed on the checkout page prior to submitting your payment information.
  • UPS costs listed are actual charges based on the package weight and dimensions as well as the ship from and ship to zip codes.  Please note, whenever possible we combine shipments into as few shipping cartons as feasible to minimize freight costs.  Products ship from various locations; therefore items may arrive in separate shipments.
  • Free shipping only applies to specific product SKU's. When ordering multiple SKU's on the same order, we assess shipping fees only for SKU's that do not qualify for free shipping.  Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico do not qualify for free shipping.
  • Item availability & order processing times vary by manufacturer.  Most stocked items will ship within 3 business days of order processing. Custom products and products with color selections can take up to 4 weeks to manufacture. Please read the detailed description for product availability information that appears on each product page.
  • Our shipping terms are FOB Destination, Freight Prepaid & Add.
  • Our preferred carrier is UPS.  Ground shipping is the most economical shipping option. Next Day and Second Day Air Priority shipping options are available, but these options do not include delivery on weekends or holidays.

Ship To Address Errors Can Lead to Delays & Extra Fees

It's very important that the "ship to" address you provide for your quote or order is accurate and the scope of delivery services matches your requirements.

Errors in the "ship to" address can cause delivery delays. In addition, many shipping carriers impose address correction or re-delivery fees. We automatically review all address correction and re-delivery fees imposed by the carrier for accuracy. If the address error was the fault of the buyer, we may bill these additional shipping fees. In cases where delivery could not be completed, the shipping carrier may require payment of these fees prior to re-attempting delivery.

Shipping carriers assess address correction fees for a variety of of errors. Some examples include providing an undeliverable address, ZIP code errors, missing suite or apartment numbers, and address formatting errors.

It's also important to specify exactly the freight services you require prior to shipment. For example, if your facility has requirements for a liftgate or inside delivery and you don't specify that when placing your order, the shipper won't expect to provide them at time of delivery. That will lead to additional fees. Some examples: additional services required, re-delivery, re-consignment, and freight storage.

For all of the above reasons, it's important to verify the accuracy of your "ship to" address and the delivery services you require.

Using Your Freight Account

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer the option to use your facility's freight account. For your protection and to provide the high level of service our customers expect, we require the ability to track shipments, provide proof of delivery, and file loss/damage claims on your behalf — none of which we could do if we were to ship and bill the receiver's freight account.

LTL and Freight Delivery

If the item you are purchasing exceeds certain weight or dimensional restrictions, truck transportation is more economical than using parcel service.  Common carriers transport your item on a truck.  The standard procedure for common carriers is to arrive at the receiving destination, back up to the loading dock and have the unloading performed by the receiver.  The dock must accommodate a 53' trailer with 13' 6" clearance.  Any service or delivery requests outside of the standard procedure will result in additional charges. You must convey all requests outside of the standard procedure at the time of order placement.   Additional services may include:

  • Liftgate Requirement: Use of a delivery vehicle with a liftgate may be necessary when a loading or receiving dock is not present at the receiving location.  Liftgate delivery may only be made to the exterior of the building.  Liftgate delivery does not include bringing the parcel(s) indoors.
  • Inside Delivery: Inside delivery may be necessary when the receiver is unable to bring the parcel inside the building of their own accord.   Inside delivery includes bringing the parcel within the first set of doors at the receiving location.  It does not include moving the parcel to a particular suite or room.  It also does not include bringing the parcel in a passenger or freight elevator

If you have any questions about shipping your Universal Medical order, please get in touch using our contact form.