Year Code Labels

Running an effective medical business requires a great deal of organization. One way to maintain organization is by keeping year labels on hand. By clearly dating your documents, these year code labels will readily identify either when charts were created or last updated. When it comes time to thin of old charts, chart year labels clearly show which files are old and outdated, making the task much easier.

Our color-coded year labels are vibrant yet professional looking. If a standard color does not suffice, the year stickers are available in fluorescent, as well. Our year labels for folders are permanently adhesive, meaning they will not detach from your documents. These medical year labels coated in a clear laminate, making them resistant to light and aging. We provide year labels by some of the top names in the industry, including Jeter, Ames, and Smead year labels. Both current and next year stickers are available so that you may order ahead or pre-date your supplies now. All of our year labels are available by the roll at affordable prices for your convenience.

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