Lead Masks

We offer a full line of radiation masks to help mitigate the potential hazards posed by prolonged exposure to scatter radiation from electromagnetic rays emitted during X-ray procedures. Our durable, carefully calibrated lead masks can be used by doctors, radiology technicians, patients, and anyone who is exposed to potentially harmful amounts of electromagnetic rays.

Our lead masks offer optimum performance for those individuals seeking a lead face shield offering a larger area of protection than lead glasses. We offer two types of quality X-ray masks include our panorama lead face shield and full panorama lead mask are both constructed from a radiation protective lead/acrylic blend, suspended from a dual adjustable headpiece. These generously sized radiation therapy masks provide maximum-width coverage to prevent exposure to scatter radiation from all angles. The adjustable x-ray face shields can be positioned at any angle to dispel scattered radiation waves. The head band mechanism can be customized to each user to ensure a snug, comfortable fit.

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