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A unique pediatric immobilization solution that takes into accounts the best possible comfort of the young patients undergoing X-Rays and radio-graphic examinations. The Chair must be used only by qualified personnel, according to appropriate procedures, and under the responsibility of a physician. For hygiene purposes, OCTOSTOP recommends the use of disposable nurses' caps after each patient.

  • A practical upright chest, OCTOSTOP style (Chair Only)
  • Babies and infants are naturally immobilized lying down. Then, they are easily raised upright.
  • Anchoring the arms onto the transparent wood board ensures perfect chest and heart examinations. Notches every 45º facilitate exact positioning. If a baby is too sick for the upright position, he or she is immediately laid down for a horizontal examination.
  • Cooperative children up to an advanced age can simply sit freely.
  • Specifications:
    • Base: 52.5cm L x 43.3cm W x 5cm H; notches every 45 degrees.
    • Stool: 25.5cm L x 23cm W x 27.5cm H. Pivoting 360° and reclining to horizontal. A strong latch securly holds the chair upright.
    • Board (above stool): 91.2cm L x 16cm W x 0.6cm H. Al. Equiv.: less than 0.7 mm
    • Aluminum Cassette Post: 76cm H x 32cm W; slot for holding a cassette, 1.6cm deep, 15cm wide
    • The total weight of The Chair is approximately 27lbs (12 kg)
  • Country of Origin: Canada


Manufacturer Octostop
Country of Manufacture Canada
Item Ships From New York


(Size: 7.5 MB)


The manufacturer does not accept non-defective returns of this item.


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