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A dependable unit, simple, light and portable. It operates on any X-ray table without any adaptation.

  • Simply place a Universal Octopaque unit (not included) on the four wheels of the OctoRoll, and the examination is ready to be conducted from the control bay
  • Immobilization is safe, efficient and fast
  • The next baby may even be pre-immobilized outside the room on another Octopaque (not included), and brought inside for immediate exchange on the OctoRoll
  • Upper gastrointestinal series, colon, voiding cystograms, etc. can be done without tedious loss of time
  • The radiologist remains protected from radiation, yet just fingertip away from the patient, while assistants supervise from a safe distance
  • The unit is totally wireless since it is battery operated and controlled by radio signals
  • The battery charge is sufficient for an average day's work, which may even continue while recharging
  • Stops are instantaneous and a brake keeps the baby perfectly still during exposures
  • Light and compact, the unit is put away on a shelf under continuous charge for immediate use at any time
  • This item is an accessory for Universal Octopaque item #PA-03 and PA-05

Specifications OCTOROLL® LTM-02 (Approved by the FDA)

Motor Module:

  • Motors: two 13-commutator dc of the highest quality. Instant starts and stops.
  • Gears: two worm type. Provide strong internal brake when not rotating.
  • Frame: strong aluminum made with computer precision.
  • Battery: sealed lead acid, 12 volts (supplied), with a life expectancy of over three years.
  • Battery controller: 13.8 volts dc, with blinking red led at 50% discharge, indicating need for recharge, to prolong battery life.
  • Radio receiver: rf frequencies with 256 safety codes. Resist local incoming interference, which must nevertheless be accepted.
  • Switches: a) main with led.. b) local rotation switch, dead man type, clockwise and counterclockwise, overrides remote control module.
  • Maximum weight: 16 kg. Or up to 25 kg with optional wider and stronger board.
  • Dimensions: 37 L x 18 H x 16.5 W cm; 4 kg; Feet component: 28 L x 10.5 H x 10 W cm; 800 gm.

Remote Control Module:

  • Battery: 9 v. Alkaline (supplied), good for over one year. A buzzer in the motor module warns when battery is low (7 volts).
  • Switches: two dead man switches, for clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. Buttons are recessed to prevent accidental operation. Simultaneous activation of both switches causes a buzz, but no action or damages.
  • Compliance: with fcc rules part 15. Possible outgoing local interference must be accepted in a 235 m. Radius; verification must be made before operation and modification of security codes done if necessary.


  • Type: wall plug, csa and ul approved. Rated 800 ma. Input: 110 v. Ac. Output: 15 to 17 volts ac. When connected, allows operation of the unit.

*subject to change without notice.
** examinations can always be immediately conducted manually by installing the immobilized baby directly on the x-ray table
***this device is not to be used in a magnetic resonance environment. Warning Must be used only by qualified personnel, according to appropriate procedures, and under the responsibility of a physician.

Warning: Must be used only by qualified personnel, according to appropriate procedures, and under the responsibility of a physician.


Manufacturer Octostop
Country of Manufacture Canada
Item Ships From New York


(Size: 3.6 MB)


The manufacturer does not accept non-defective returns of this item.


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