Pediatric Immobilizers

Pediatric restraints position pediatric patients for transport, medical examinations, or surgical procedures. Child patients can require much more finesse than restraining adults. Not only do children and infants often fidget and squirm, but they can easily become frightened in unfamiliar surroundings. To help smooth the progress of children's procedures, you need high-quality pediatric immobilizers that combine ease of use, efficiency, and secure immobilization of potentially fussy patients.

Here at Universal Medical, we help you care for your smallest patients by offering a wide assortment of pediatric restraints and papoose boards. We are committed to selling only the best children medical restraints, from simple papoose boards to pediatric fracture immobilizers to systems designed specifically for CT and MRI. These pediatric restraints are only a few of the options for restraining children during surgical, imaging & emergency applications. Keep your pediatric patients healthy and happy with state-of-the-art pediatric immobilizers from Universal Medical.

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