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The RIDGES PLUS improve digital arteriography (and venograph) of lower extremities down to the feet.They insure optimum density, prevent halation and thus facilitate - digital subtraction.With the cushions, they contribute to immobilization (see the video included with each kit).

The RIDGES PLUS are made of white waterproof silicone rubber, absorbing twice as much as water or muscle. They are thinner distally, to match the gradually decreasing size of the legs; they are wedged nearly 45° all around. The arrows must point toward the direction of the arterial blood flow.

  • Two incorporated mid line opaque rulers allow measurements of length and caliber of lesions
  • Filters adhere to the table and the patient, and with supplied VELCRO® Brand straps and cushions, provide excellent immobilization
  • For unilateral or bilateral examinations
  • With or without substraction (DSA and DA)
  • "V" extensions fit tall legs
  • The set consists of 6 silicone rubber filters ensure an homogenous density over a 35cm width from the pubis to the feet:
    • The Inter-Thighs Filter (A) with its extension, lies on the surface with its apex downward and its pointed end near the knees; it contains an opaque ruler to help localize lesions and estimate their length and diameter
    • The two Inter-Legs Filters bilobed filters (B) that are adapted to the typical medial curved contour of the legs: the main one has an extension, is thick and also contains a ruler; its tapering upper end merges with that of the inter-thighs filter to help adapt to variations in length of the lower extremities; the accessory one is thinner; together they provide appropriate compensation for the density of the tibia, over which important arteries are superimposed
    • The two External Lateral Right and Left Adapted Filters (C) reach the dorsum of the feet; they also suit the upper extremity. Also serve as outside supports; wider at their lower end, they match the dorso-lateral curve of the ankles and feet
    • A Triangular Filter (D) projecting along the plantar border of the feet


Manufacturer Octostop
Country of Manufacture Canada
Item Ships From New York
GSA Contract Number V797D-40246

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