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Octostop Compensating Filters are made of silicone rubber. Their absorption is ideal at twice that of muscle, which permits placing them on only one side of the patient. They are light to carry, easy to handle, readily identifiable and not cumbersome. They are positioned with precision close to the patient. If dropped, they do not break or harm anyone. In the vertical position, they adhere with very little pressure (wash with water if they slip). If too sticky, interpose tissue paper. They resist alcohol and heat and are waterproof. Autoclave is recommended for sterilization; alcohol or Zephiran for disinfection.

  • 25cm L x 21cm W x 4.5cm H approx.; 1.8kg
  • The Ingot For C-7
    • 1. The focal spot of the tube must be centered low, level with both shoulders (according to the two-point technique, of. THE OCTOSTOP SYSTEM 11, p. 7)
    • 2. Then, without moving the tube, aim the collimator higher to include C- 1
    • 3. Under direct medical supervision, it is often necessary to pull the arms down (for a useful method, see page 10)
    • In the emergency room, look for fractures of the trunk or the extremities
    • 4. In the vertical position, a VELCRO® holds the INGOT very well
  • Characteristics:
    • 1. Use appropriate technical factors for the unfiltered region, while keeping the MaS high, and the KV low, in order to diminish secondary radiation
    • 2. Adapt to local preferences. Consult your radiologist
    • 3. Straight edges would be easily identifiable and thus do not require a metallic tracer
  • Country of Origin: Canada


Manufacturer Octostop
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