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Octostop Compensating Filters are made of silicone rubber. Their absorption is ideal at twice that of muscle, which permits placing them on only one side of the patient. They are light to carry, easy to handle, readily identifiable and not cumbersome. They are positioned with precision close to the patient. If dropped, they do not break or harm anyone. In the vertical position, they adhere with very little pressure (wash with water if they slip). If too sticky, interpose tissue paper. They resist alcohol and heat and are waterproof. Autoclave is recommended for sterilization; alcohol or Zephiran for disinfection.

Finger and toes are much thinner than the wrist and back of the foot. It would be a miracle to find a technique suitable to such variations in thickness. These are precisely the marvels that the GENTLE SLOPE allows. Cassette and filter become inseparable.

For Hands and Wrists:

  • On the A.P. view, filter only the ringers, since there is little difference in thickness from the hand
  • For all other views, superimpose up to the metacarpals

For Feet:

  • Place the toes near the thick end of the filter, for all views
  • Interposed before the rays, a filter reduces radiation to the patient
  • Pressure (with a small wood board) often straightens out the toes

Country of Origin: Canada


Manufacturer Octostop
Actual Product Weight 800g
Item Ships From New York


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