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The Kontrol Kube Advanced containment unit incorporates all the elements of the original TopSider enclosure and adds new features that make it even easier to create temporary containment. Durability, flexibility and functionality have been increased to make this the most advanced containment enclosure available – more than three times stronger than traditional vinyl enclosures.


  • Synthetic Fabric Enclosure is over three times stronger than traditional vinyl enclosures. This advanced fabric meets NFPA 701, California Fire Marshal, CPAI 84 and FMVSS 302 fire retardant specifications.
  • Detachable Flanges (Anteroom and Multi-Unit) for larger containment. Anteroom flanges connect the unit to a door way allowing for room containment. Connector flanges allow multiple units to be connected together.
  • Unit has ceiling access opening as well as side opening.
  • 12" Negative Air Port ensures compatibility with all popular negative air machines, including the Kontrol Kube Negative Air Machine.
  • 10' Enclosure to meet your facilities specific needs. Adjustable down to a working height of 7'.
  • Webbing Reinforcements in high stress and wear areas ensure long life.
  • Enclosure "Sag" Restraints prevent the enclosure from sagging when lowered. The enclosure folds on itself easing use at all heights.
  • Bolt Action Poles make it easier to adjust the height and increase the strength and rigidity of the Uniframe.
  • Collapsible Design allow the unit to be stored easily taking up less space. New features allow a unit that is collapsed to be set up in less than 2 minutes.
  • Sky Dome Ceiling: Clear interior ceiling flaps allows for easy placement of unit for overhead ceiling work.

Complete Unit Includes:

  • Aluminum Frame: Unlike other containment options, the Kontrol Kube is built with an adjustable yet solid aluminum frame. The ratcheted height adjustments enable the user to have maximum control while the bolt action pole systems offer a smooth transition. Each of the poles are equipped with spring loaded locking mechanisms that fit securely into rubber gaskets giving the Kontrol Kube superior flexibility with uneven ceiling surfaces.
  • Solid Locking Wheel Base: The Kontrol Kube Wheelbase is a solid reinforced aluminum platform able to support a quarter of a ton weight load on its four locking, non-skid casters. This enables the unit to be moved from point to point while tools, equipment and even a ladder remain in the unit for transport.
  • Enclosure: Fire rated synthetic fabric enclosure meets JCAHO EC.5.50.2 & California Fire Marshal requirements


Design Features Anteroom/Patient Isolation
Supports Negative Air Machine on Rolling Platform* Yes Anteroom/All Use*** Yes
Rolls through all AIA and NFPA Compliant Doors** Yes Isolation Flanges Yes
Width x Length 30" x 60" Beveled Base (easy roll over) No
Windows (4) 19" x 34" Pass Through Portal with Screen Yes
Side Access Doors (2) 45" x 80" Exterior Documentation Pocket Yes
End Access Doors (1) 22" x 90" Facility Maintenance Yes
12” Diameter Portal Yes Patient Isolation Yes
4” Diameter Portal Yes Overhead Access Variable Up to 30" x 60" Yes
Solid Wheel Base Yes Max Ceiling Access Height** 10'
Four Locking Casters (non-marking) Yes Whole Room Containment Yes
Solid Base supports 500 lbs. Yes Accommodates 6' Ladder Yes
Fire Retardant Enclosure Yes Accommodates 8' Ladder Yes

* With optional AirBase

**With optional Wheelbase

*** When using the 10’ Advanced unit as an anteroom, ceiling height should be over 10 ft in order to fully extend the enclosure.

Patient Isolations:

  • The Kontrol Kube Advanced units can be configured for use as a temporary anteroom converting any operating, patient or procedure room into an emergency airborne isolation room. The Kontrol Kube Advanced unit can be quickly set up to provide containment where ever it is needed without costly disruptions to patients and schedules. The unit can be used in conjunction with either a negative or positive pressure patient room.

Please note: In order to create a negative pressure environment, this item must be used in conjunction with a negative air machine. A compatible air machine is listed above (see Related Products).

  • The spread of airborne infectious diseases (e.g., MRSA and TB), and the need for surge capacity, can quickly overwhelm a facility. The Kontrol Kube offers a convenient solution to securing a protected environment. The unit can be set up in just minutes and, when kept under negative pressure, helps satisfy HRSA Critical Benchmark #2-2 requirements.

Facility Maintenance:

  • Dust & particulate control to assist in achieving JCAHO, CSA, IPAC and CDC compliance
  • Assists in meeting OSHA & ACGIH levels of permissible nuisance dust
  • Access walls and ceilings of up to 11’
  • Moves easily throughout the facility
  • Eliminates the need for disposable barrier materialsSimplifies clean up
  • Designed for daily use
  • Easier to inspect than traditional barriers


Manufacturer Fiberlock
Overall Height 120"
Overall Width 30"
Overall Length 60"
Country of Manufacture United States
Item Ships From Massachusetts


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(Size: 36.9 KB)


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Do you sell a cover for these units for storage?
Unfortunately, we do not offer a cover for this unit for storage purposes. However, this unit is collapsible for easy storage.
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