Infection Containment Products

Infection control containment units assist hospitals greatly in the protection against airborne related infections or other damaging particle exposures. Maintenance work and operations in any health care facility can have a negative effect on sterility and have the potential to be hazardous to their patients and staff. There's also the possibility of a contagious patient providing similar danger and contaminating the environment. Kontrol Kube's mobile containment units will help provide successful infection control and particle containment for all properly functioning hospitals.

Whether the protection needed is in the form of a patient isolation room or in the containment of dust, mold, and asbestos, these products guarantee you the highest degree of safety. Because of their mobility, these products should be used by every healthcare facility that might ever require renovations, repairs, or general maintenance work, as well as those that deal with any harmful pathogens. ICRA containment systems can be set up quickly and easily, and the protection they provide is unrivaled.

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