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BRANDplates® cellGrade™ Microplates for the cultivation of adherent cell lines.

  • The cellGrade™ surface is the standard tissue culture surface for the cultivation of adherent cell lines
  • Surface with different chemical groups, such as carboxyl and hydroxyl groups, that are freely accessible
  • Surface is hydrophilic compared with non-treated PS
  • Serum components are easily bound onto the freely accessible chemical groups, allowing an indirect adhesion of cells
  • cellGrade™ Microplates are sterilized by β-radiation to ISO 11137 and AAMI guidelines for a SAL of 10-6, meeting the requirements of Ph. Eur. and the USP 29
  • Alphanumeric coding for easy well identification
  • The 96-well standard microplates have ORANGE alphanumeric embossing for easy identification of the surface type
  • Standard 96-well microplates available in U-, V-, F-bottom well shapes, and in Transparent, White, or Black color
  • Transparent bottom 96-well microplates available in F-bottom well shape, and in White or Black color
  • Free of DNA, DNase, RNase, endotoxins (<0.01 EU/mL), and cytotoxic substances (acc. ISO 10 993)
  • Sterile Polystyrene (PS) microplates are manufactured according to ANSI-/SLAS-Standards 1 to 4, 2004


SKU Type Bottom Shape Color Well Volume
781960 Standard U-bottom Transparent 330uL
781961 Standard V-bottom Transparent 360uL
781962 Standard F-bottom Transparent 350uL
781965 Standard F-bottom White 350uL
781968 Standard F-bottom Black 350uL
781970 Transparent Bottom F-bottom White 330uL
781971 Transparent Bottom F-bottom Black 330uL


Manufacturer Brandtech Scientific
Country of Manufacture Germany
Item Ships From Connecticut


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Customer Questions
What is the difference between an F-bottom and a U-bottom 96 well plate?
The F Bottom style is flat, while the U bottom style is U shaped. The flat bottom style generally has a larger well capacity - for the 96-Well Plate cellGrade Polystyrene Sterile with Lids the flat bottom capacity is 350 uL versus the U bottom at 330 uL. The bottom style may also effect the compatibility of the plate with the equipment being utilized.
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