96-Well Plates

96-Well Plates are available in two plate types, standard microplates and transparent bottom microplates. 96-well plates with the standard well format are manufactured with a “chimney well” design. 96-well plates with transparent bottom are manufactured out of white or black polystyrene, with a transparent bottom made of polystyrene. 96-well plates are available in transparent, white pigmented and black pigmented plates. 96-well plates are offered with four distinct bottom shapes including U-bottom, V-bottom, F-bottom, and C-bottom. 96-well plates are embossed with color-coded alphanumeric coding for easy identification of surface type.

The application to be performed in the plate generally determines the color of the 96-well plates used. A basic rule is that transparent 96-well plates are for colorimetry, white 96-well plates are for luminescence, and black 96-well plates are for fluorescence. 96-well plates are available in nine different surface types including two non-treated variants, three immunological types, and four different surfaces for cell culture applications.

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