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Bead beating is quickly becoming the preferred process used to break up (lyse) samples in order to release the DNA, RNA and proteins contained within cells. Samples are placed in tubes with the appropriate grinding beads and subjected to high energy mixing. The beads impact the sample, eventually breaking it down on the cellular level releasing subcellular contents.


Stainless steel has greater density than both glass and zirconium beads and can be used on very tough samples such as cornea and connective tissue and in situations where the other tube types are not effective. Metals beads are effective at homogenizing tough samples, but they also generate significant heat. Care should be taken when working with heat labile molecules. Plant extracts will often oxide rapidly in the presence of stainless steel.


  • For best results, use Pre-Filled Tube Kits with BeadBug Microtube Homogenizer Item #D1030 and Bead Blaster 24 Microtube Homogenizer Item #D2400
  • Ideal for the most difficult sample
  • 2.0ml pre-filled microtubes are non-skirted and supplied with caps
  • Acid washed and processed to remove nucleases and proteases
  • Bead Material: Stainless Steel
  • Bead Diameter: 2.8mm
  • Hightest density (7.9g/ml) beads


Manufacturer Benchmark Scientific
Item Ships From New Jersey


The manufacturer does not accept any returns on accessories.


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