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Pediatric Anthropomorphic Training Phantoms

The World's First Sectional Pediatric Radiography Trainer

An ideal addition to any imaging department or Radiologic Technology training program, the CIRS Model 715 Series can assist in the monitoring, training and improvement of parameters and protocols common to most pediatric imaging procedures.

SPoRT is designed to aid teaching and improvement of patient positioning, collimation and anatomical comprehension and it's wide range of features facilitate effective instruction of safe, high quality, pediatric imaging.

The phantom represents a typical 5-year old in both size and structure, making it portable and easy to position. The full body with head, arms and legs measures 110 cm (43 inches) tall and weighs 20 kg (44 lbs).

Components are made from propriety urethane and epoxy materials that mimic X-ray attenuation properties of human tissues for both diagnostic and therapy energy ranges (50keV-25MeV). The materials are durable, impact resistant and suitable for continuous handling. SPoRT can be used in film radiography, CR, DR and Computed Tomography.

The Model 715 series consists of six sectional phantoms available separately or as a complete set. Complete set includes head, trunk, right and left arms with natural and oblique hand positions and right and left legs with natural and plantar flexion foot positions.

Country of Origin: United States of America

Trunk: Model 715-T

Includes: Chest, Rib Cage, Spine, Spinal Disks, Lungs, Bronchial Tree to third bifurcation, Lung Vasculature, Trachea, Scapula, Clavicles, Top Third of Humerus, Pelvis, Top Third of Femur, Weight: 10 kg, Dimensions:
43 cm H x 25 cm W x 15 cm D (posterior-anterior)

Head: Model 715-HN

Includes: Skull, Homogeneous Brain, Sinus Cavities, Ear Canals, C1-C7 Spine, Spinal Disks, Deciduous and Descending Teeth (with enamel and dentin), Positioning stand. Weight: 2.8 kg, Dimensions: 21.5 cm H x 13 cm W x 17 cm D (posterior-anterior)

Right Leg: Model 715-L-R

Includes: Knee in natural position, Full bone structure, Foot in relaxed position. Weight: 2.75 kg, Dimension: 43 cm L

Left Leg: Model 715-L-L

Includes: Knee in natural position, Full bone structure, Foot in plantar flexion. Weight: 2.75 kg, Dimension: 43 cm L

Right Arm: Model 715-A-R

Includes: Elbow in natural position, Full bone Structure, Hand in natural position. Weight: 0.8 kg Dimension: 35 cm L

Left Arm: Model 715-A-L

Includes: Elbow in natural position, Full bone Structure, Hand in oblique position Weight: 0.8 kg, Dimension: 35 cm L


Manufacturer CIRS
Item Ships From Virginia

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