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Designed to clean all of your critical equipment to prevent artifacts caused by lint

  • These dry wipes are not treated with any chemical and are non-abrasive
  • When saturated in a cleaning agent of your choice, these wipes can be used to clean any number of surfaces like carts, counter tops, PACS monitors, Phosphor Image Plates, Mammography/Diagnostic X-ray Cassettes, and can even be used for drying your hands in order to avoid contamination from artifacts from lint-residue usually left behind by your average towels or cloths.
  • Lint Free Wipes will help minimize the risk of adherence of contaminants on ultrasound transducers, are non-abrasive and compatible with cleaning sensitive crystals of the array. Follow manufacturer's instructions.
  • Compatible with alcohol, bleach, and peroxide
  • Cost effective; highly absorbent; excellent for picking up aqueous spills
  • Non abrasive and chemically compatible
  • Conveniently sized dimensions: 9" x 9"
  • Packaged 200 wipes in resealable double bags to avoid contamination exposure
  • Follow manufacturer's cleaning instructions
  • Country of Origin: United States of America

About this Brand


Manufacturer Universal Medical Inc.
Item Ships From Florida


Transducer Use:

Use immediately after removing the transducer from the patient and prior to automated or manual high-level disinfection to remove organic debris. Lint-Free Wipes will help insure proper reprocessing and cleaning of intra-cavity ultrasound transducers "used on all vaginal, rectal and transesophogeal probes that are in contact with bodily fluids/blood or have a remote chance to be in contact with dry/cracked skin and body fluids, including blood requiring high-level disinfecting prior to next patient use." - Official Statement-Approved 4/2/14.


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