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  • Basic trauma evidence-gathering unit contains a series of wounds created specifically for teaching crime scene analysis and forensic scene reconstruction
  • Details are designed to determine type of weapon, direction of force, and other related details that only come with realistic trauma reproduction
  • Kit contains carefully sculpted models of injuries taken from actual victim's wounds and reviewed by forensic education professionals, ensuring real-scene representations of trauma commonly found on violent crime victims
  • Injuries range from simple puncture wounds associated with sharp instrument trauma to firearms entry and exit wounds
  • Kit also includes moulage wax, coagulant blood, and a selection of makeup for bruising, blanching, and lividity
  • Packaged in a sturdy carrying case

Wound Contents:

  • Bite complete (800-729U)
  • Bite partial (800-725U)
  • Blunt bat (800-728U)
  • Bunny ears (800-731U)
  • Compound fracture humerus (800-830U)
  • Contact gunshot (800-723U)
  • Contact handgun (800-735U)
  • Contact wound (800-732U)
  • Double-edge knife (800-730U)
  • Ecchymosis (800-717U)
  • Exit gunshot (800-722U)
  • Exit wound, large (800-734U)
  • Exit wound, small (800-733U)
  • Foreign body protrusion (800-901U)
  • Hesitation (800-726U)
  • Ice pick (800-736U)
  • Intermediate range (800-720U)
  • Intermediate range flake (800-715U)
  • Intermediate range round (800-716U)
  • Large compound fracture (800-908U)
  • Large laceration (800-903U)
  • Medium laceration (800-904U)
  • Pattern ligature (800-712U)
  • Petechiae (800-719U)
  • Screwdriver (800-724U)
  • 2nd-degree burn (800-914U)
  • Shotgun (800-714U)
  • Shotgun close range (800-721U)
  • Single-edge knife (800-727U)
  • Slash (800-713U)

Size: 21 in. x 13 in. x 15 in..

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Manufacturer Nasco
Item Ships From Wisconsin


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