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Our Anatomical Models are carefully crafted to meticulous standards of realism to support the demanding requirements of medical, dental, veterinary, and advanced secondary schools engaged in training health care professionals and science students.  More and more, feature-rich anatomical models are used to communicate with and instruct patients.  After all, highly visual and touchable anatomical models help deliver unambiguous and understandable information to patients.

Human Anatomy Models for Important Organs & Systems

Among human anatomy models, skeleton anatomical models include both disarticulated, half, and full skeletons in a range of sizes, including life size. Some, such as the very detailed Sam the Super Skeleton with Muscles & Ligaments on Pelvic Mounted Roller Stand show over 600 hundred hand-numbered and identified details of the human body and include hand-painted muscle origins and insertions.  On a smaller scale, our Painted and Numbered Budget Big Tim Skeleton with Stand is perfect for small medical clinics or classroom demonstrations.  Our general anatomy models, such as our Eye Models or Heart Models, focus on the human body's important organs. Others, such as our Respiratory Models and Vascular System Models, illustrate entire systems in the human body. Male Anatomy Models and Female Anatomy Models focus on gender-specific organs and systems.

Dental Models for the Specific Needs of Dental Care Professionals

Our full range of Dental Models reflects the importance of dental education and oral hygiene to overall human healthcare.  They're a must-have education tool for dental and oral surgery practices.  Our Giant Dental Care Model is used by school nurses and dentists to illustrate proper cleaning techniques.  Other models, such as our Diseased Teeth and Gums Model, illustrate common dental problems (e. g., abscesses, cavities, decay, gingivitis, plaque, or periodontitis) or dental treatments (e. g., dentures, filings, or crowns).

Hands On Training for Nursing and EMS Professionals

Our Medical Training Models deliver realistic, hands-on training for medical students, nurses, and EMS/EMT professionals.  Our product range includes CPR simulators, IV training models, suture trainers, auscultation and catheterization trainers.  For lifelike juvenile or adult patient handling, transportation, or extrication training, healthcare educators turn to products such as our Simulaids Rescue Randy Combat Challenge 165-lb. Weighted Adult Manikin. Our Geriatric IV Training Arm is an example of a procedure-focused training tool that includes veins that roll away or disappear as you attempt to catheterize the vessel.

Beyond Human Anatomy — Veterinary Models, Cell Biology and Botany Models

Healthcare education goes far beyond human body models. Our Animal Anatomy Models serve the needs of veterinarians and veterinary medical schools with canine, feline, chimpanzee, orangutan, and gorilla models.  For more fundamental training, our Cell Biology Models show the form and structure of animal cells in rich detail, such as when viewed under an electron microscope.  Botany Models help illustrate specific processes in the plant world, such as pollination and fertilization.  Nutritionists and dietitians rely on our Food Replicas to educate patients on portion sizes across food groups.

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