Female Anatomy Models

Female anatomical models are an ideal teaching aid to help educate both students and patients. Our extensive selection of female anatomy models includes female pelvic models, pregnancy series models, pelvis skeleton models, delivery/childbirth simulators, clinical breast trainers and self-exam models, uterus/ovary models, and more. Teaching simulators and self-exam models are excellent for educating students and patient education.

For example, the Wearable Breast Self-Exam Model can be easily worn, in order to better train and practice breast self-examination. Our line of prevention and detection models includes the Realistic Left Breast Model, Uterus/Ovary Model with Pathologies, Model of the Female Breast, and the Clinical Breast Trainer. Obstetricians will benefit from owning female anatomy figures of uteri and pelvises with fetuses inside, as well as sets of models that demonstrate the stages of fertilization. Women, particularly first-time mothers, will appreciate having a female education model that clearly illustrates the pregnancy process and what exactly is occurring inside of their body.



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