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The Thyroid Shield is a great comfortable lead collar used to effectively reduce radiation exposure. It provides neck and thyroid protection for both patients and medical professionals.

  • Lead Free - 0.35mm or 0.50mm Pb equivalency front protection
  • Core material pass the universally recognized testing procedure: ASTM F3094-14
  • An easy to wear lead collar that provides radiation protection to the neck region
  • VELCRO® straps assure a quick application while keeping you safe
  • Dimensions:
    • Bib area at the widest point: 6" High x 8" Wide
    • Total Length: 27"
  • Approximate Product Weight:
    • 0.35mm PbEq Lead Free: 0.68 lbs.
    • 0.50mm PbEq Lead Free: 0.93 lbs.

Please note, core material lead equivalency requirements vary by facility. If apparel must be approved by a safety officer prior to use, please confirm the lead equivalency requirements at your facility prior to placing an order.

Fabric Materials:

  • A classic lightweight fabric, Nylon is a synthetic material with high tenacity and excellent abrasion resistance. Nylon is also highly resilient, has good specific strength and provides high resistance to insects, fungi, molds, mildew, rot and many chemicals. EXTREME RESISTANT - STRENGHT & DURABLE - LIGHTWEIGHT
  • Polytron is a smooth fabric with a soft touch. Manufactured in the U.S., it has flexible and comfortable qualities due to the Polypropylene it is made of. This lightweight material is also inherently stain resistant, PFC chemical free, and bleach cleanable. FLEXIBLE & COMFORTABLE - LIGHTWEIGHT - STRENGHT & DURABLE - EXTREME RESISTANT - SOFT TOUCH
  • PVC EasyClean is a thick fabric that provides a leather-like touch. Made of an ultra resistant material, it is - as the name suggests - very easy to clean: with a quick wipe it is clean and ready to go. EASY CLEAN - LIGHTWEIGHT - STRENGHT & DURABLE - EXTREME RESISTANT - LEATHER TOUCH
  • Ripstop is a woven fabric that uses a reinforcing technique which makes it more resistant to tearing and ripping. Often made of Nylon, Ripstop is a lightweight material with interwoven ripstop reinforcement threads in a crosshatch pattern, making it looks like a diamond stitching. EXTREME RESISTANT - LIGHTWEIGHT - STRENGHT & DURABLE -  DIAMOND STITCHING

About this Brand


Manufacturer Phillips Safety Products
Latex Free Yes
Overall Height 6"
Overall Length 27"
Overall Width 8"
Country of Manufacture United States
Item Ships From New Jersey


Warranty: Warranty provides coverage due to defective parts or workmanship for a period of one (1) year after the date of original purchase. This warranty does not cover damages due to misuse or abuse of the product nor damages related to uses outside the designed parameters of the unit.

Garment Storage: With careful use and proper storage, the useful life of the garment should be several years. When not in use, garments should be placed on a hanger. Extreme heat will severely damage your garment. Avoid contact with hot surfaces or exposure to direct sunlight. Also avoid contact with sharp objects, as these may penetrate the garment's protective core. For transportation, the garments should be carefully rolled up and put in a box or tube.

Garment Cleaning: Many aqueous-based stains, especially from body fluids, are easily removed by wiping with a cloth/sponge dampened with water containing a non-aggressive, non-bleach detergent. A soft scrubbing brush may be needed for dried blood and stubborn aqueous stains (including barium contrast media) where these have gone into the weave/fibers of the fabric.


Inspection: Regular inspections of the garment, at least annually, are recommended using radiographic or fluoro operating at 70-90 kV. Lines may indicate cracks; dots may be pinholes, (seen as dark on film, clear on fluoro) - consult your Radiation Safety Officer.


This item cannot be returned as it is made to order.


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