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Featuring the best anatomical illustrations in the marketplace today, this comprehensive collection includes 50 anatomical charts of the human body.

This hardcover portfolio provides a valuable anatomical resource offering a comprehensive look at human anatomy as well as describing many conditions, systems and diseases. The 50 plates are spiral-bound, allowing plates to lay flat for easy examination and the vivid illustrations present each topic in a concise form.

This portfolio has a place on the school library shelf, a physician's office or at home with the family's other information resources.
  • List of Plates: Skeletal System. Understanding the Hip & Knee. Understanding the Shoulder & Elbow. Understanding the Foot & Ankle. Understanding the Hand & Wrist. Osteoarthritis. Understanding the Spine. Male Muscular System. Female Muscular System. Rheumatoid Arthritis. Understanding Osteoporosis. Respiratory System. Understanding Asthma. COPD. The Effects of Smoking. Understanding Rhinitis. The Common Cold vs. The Flu. The Heart. High Blood Pressure. Effects of Hypertension. Understanding Angina. Understanding Heart Disease. Understanding Stroke. Digestive System. Understanding GERD. Understanding IBS. Diseases of the Digestive System. The Vascular System. Understanding Diabetes. Understanding Cholesterol. Understanding DVT. The Effects of Alcohol. The Brain. Understanding CNS. The Liver. Understanding Hepatitis. The Kidney. The Endocrine System. The Eye. Understanding Glaucoma. The Ear. Middle Ear Infections. Understanding the Teeth. The Lymphatic System. The Nervous System. Understanding Skin. Male Reproductive System. Understanding the Prostate. Female Reproductive System. Understanding Menopause.
  • Specifications:
    • 50 Illustrated Plates on 12pt stock & UV coated
    • Hardcover
    • Laminated Dust Jacket
    • Spiral bound
    • Suitable for erasable dry marker (not included)
    • Size:
      • Cover 12.5" x 14.75"
      • Plates 11.375" x 14"
    • Country of Origin: Korea


Manufacturer Scientific Publishing


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