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Create customized comfort with extra-long anti-fatigue floor mats by NewLife Eco-Pro! These specially-designed anti-fatigue floor mats allow doctors, surgeons, technicians and nurses to enjoy the absolute best in comfort and support in extended spaces.


ContinuousComfort mats feature a virtually seamless design that prevents the risk of tripping while dramatically reducing fatigue and discomfort in large work areas. These anti-fatigue floor mats for standing are lightweight and easy to clean compared to heavy vinyl and rubber which provide no real ergonomic benefits. Like all NewLife Eco-Pro mats, ContinuousComfort anti-fatigue industrial mats are engineered with 100% energy-return polyurethane foam that was proven by a major university study to reduce discomfort, spinal compression and increase flexibility.


  • Invisible seam technology
  • Eco-Friendly - constructed with Bio-Foam® a renewable, plant-based resource anti-fatigue mat for medical professionals
  • 3/4 inch thick polyurethane foam for unmatched ergonomic comfort and support
  • Energy-Return Comfort - proprietary Cellulon® core technology with energy-return properties
  • Matte textured top surface provides optimum friction
  • Anti-microbial properties for added protection
  • Integral polyurethane skin one-piece construction will not absorb water or dirt
  • Stain and puncture-resistant surface
  • Low-profile, durable 18° beveled edges prevent tripping
  • High-Traction bottom surface certified by the National Floor Safety Institute
  • Latex-Free
  • Warranty: 5-year


Technical Information:

Density per ASTM D 3574 333 Kg/m3
Hardness per ASTM D 2240 75
Tensile per ASTM D 3574 766 kPa
Elongation per ASTM D 3574 230%
Tear Strength per ASTM D 3574 1250 N/m
Puncture per ASTM D 4833 270 N
IFD 25% per ASTM D 3574 310 N
IFD 65% per ASTM D 3574 2800 N
Non-skid per NFSI 101-C Certified
Flammability / Burn Resistance per CFR 16 Parts 1630/1631 Certified
  • Proposition 65



Anti-Microbial Resistance per ISO 22196:  
  • MRSA
  • E. coli

99.9% reduction

99.9% reduction


Manufacturer Let's Gel
Latex Free Yes
Overall Thickness 0.75"
Country of Manufacture United States
Item Ships From Texas



LIMITED WARRANTY: Let's Gel, Inc. warrants to the original purchaser of this Product ("Purchaser") that the Product shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service (the "Limited Warranty") for a period of FIVE (5) years from date of purchase (the "Limited Warranty Period"). "Normal use and service" means that the product is used on dry floors in an indoor medical facility environment in accordance with the care instructions provided with the product.



After unpacking your mat, you may notice small wrinkles on the outside edges of the mat and possibly some on the top surface. These are normal and should disappear within 48 hours of placing the mat on a flat surface. Your mat requires a minimum of care, but certain activities should be avoided to increase the usable life of the product.

  • DO NOT stand on the mat in "stiletto" type high-heeled shoes. These sharp heels can potentially damage the surface of the mat.
  • DO NOT clean with a power vacuum cleaner. The high speed rotating brush can damage the surface of the mat.
  • DO NOT ALLOW WATER/MOISTURE TO BECOME TRAPPED UNDER YOUR NEWLIFE MAT. Only use on dry floors. Moisture or liquid that becomes trapped under your mat may not dry and must be removed as soon as possible to avoid damage to your flooring. When mopping your floor, please ensure that your floor has completely dried before replacing the mat. Prolonged exposure to moisture/liquid may cause mold/mildew and/or damage to your mat and some types of flooring surfaces.
  • CHECK under your mat(s) periodically. We recommend that you contact your flooring provider/installer to determine if your flooring material may interact with our product. NewLife® Eco-Pro Anti-Fatigue Mats are made with a polyurethane bio-foam material.
  • Clean your NewLife® Eco-Pro mat with water, mild soap and a damp sponge, cloth or mop. You may use general purpose floor or kitchen cleaners such as 409 or mild dish-washing soap to clean your mat. DO NOT USE any cleaning product containing acetone, alcohol, bleach or ammonia on your mat. These cleaning agents will VOID YOUR WARRANTY and DAMAGE YOUR MAT.

For in-hospital environments, NewLife™ Eco-Pro Mats may be cleaned with a low-level, hospital grade disinfectant cleaner which kills blood-borne pathogens. We recommend using 3M™ or Ecolab® HB Quat Disinfectant Cleaner, diluted and dispensed as prescribed in the cleaner's general use directions, or a cleaning agent similar in composition. You can also use BioKleen and accelerated hydrogen peroxide.

  • DO NOT use hot water extraction, steam cleaning, or high pressure water/air to clean the mat as they could damage the mat and will void the warranty.
  • DO NOT CLEAN your mat in a dishwasher or any type of commercial washer.
  • DO NOT store or pack the mat rolled with the bottom side out. This can create permanent wrinkles and uneven surfaces.
  • DO NOT fold the mat as this can cause permanent damage.
  • DO NOT place furniture or equipment on mat. Permanent indentions on mat may occur.
  • DO NOT use the mat in wet environments or step on the mat with wet feet. The NewLife™ Eco-Pro is not intended for use in wet areas. The surface of the mat may be slippery when your feet are wet.


This item is not able to be returned.


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