Product Description

  • Mold Medics "M" is a chlorine-free alternative to kill mold, bacteria, odors and allergens
  • It is the ONLY fogger available that treats microscopic airborne spores while penetrating porous surfaces, cracks and crevices to reach hidden mold, bacteria, and pathogens
  • This product is made from natural ingredients
  • It will kill MRSA, E-Coli, and some Flu viruses
  • Mold Medics "M" will eliminate bed bugs
  • The residual value of Mold Medics "M" is 5 days
  • Country of Origin: United States of America


Manufacturer PS Manufacturing
Item Ships From Iowa

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Returns for manufacturing defect only, must be returned within 30 days of shipment.


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Customer Questions
How many square feet of coverage does 1 fogger treat?

One can will cover 500 cubic feet.

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