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CapTrack is a portable, benchtop-sized collaborative robot device that manages refrigerated inventory and recaps specimen tubes for medical laboratories. The patent pending technology uses a combination of robotics, process control, and software to save time and money, increase the quality of laboratory results and reduce risk. A reduction in sample retrieval times, manual labor and improved organization are a reality with the CapTrack lab automation system.


Traditional large-scale automation systems used by high volume laboratories are not practical for smaller facilities, such as those found in hospitals. As a result, highly trained professionals are forced to process samples manually instead of being able to focus on the higher yield activities they were trained for. By significantly reducing the amount of tubes team members recap, there is also a reduction in the possibility of coming into contact with blood borne pathogens and other potentially dangerous samples. Also, repetitive strain injuries are reduced which is associated with the process of manually capping tubes.



  • Blood banks
  • R&D laboratories
  • Clinical laboratories
  • Backup unit for other automated systems
  • Drug testing labs
  • Alternative to more expensive complex systems
  • Hospitals
  • Medical research




Reduce fatigue and strain
CapTrack reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries and exposure to blood borne pathogens. The possibility of cross contamination is also reduced.


Save Time and Increase Productivity
CapTrack contains 48 nests to reduce labor time by 75%! Users can process more samples 4x more efficiently.


Receive Custom Reports
CapTrack monitors cap usage and sends projected usage reports to our team. Cap supply is auto-replenished further reducing downtime and cost.


Find Samples Quickly
Quickly find samples with the Retriever Function. Special racks, unique caps and RFID technology offer significant time savings over finding samples manually.


Technical Support Built-in
CapTrack is constantly monitored to ensure it is running at optimal performance. Should any errors occur, Lab Improvements will notify you and assist with troubleshooting.


Identify Samples Easily
CapTrack's Clean-out function optimizes refrigerated sample storage by easily identifying samples that are no longer useful. Remove outdated samples faster and more efficiently.


Lifetime Warranty
Your investment is protected with CapTrack's limited lifetime warranty. Lab Improvements provides on-going technical support and if your CapTrack needs service or repair, loaners are provided to minimize downtime.


User Friendly & Intuitive

CapTrack is designated a "co-bot" because it's designed to work alongside people to improve productivity and reduce safety risks. With that in mind, it made sense to design CapTrack to be exceptionally user-friendly. Straight out-of-the-box, CapTrack can be setup in 30 minutes or less. Simply turn it on and follow the prompts. Minimal training is required for teams to start using Lab Improvements' CapTrack. Even so, service and support is available every step of the way.

Captrack is equipped with a 7" capacitive color touchscreen, which will work with any type of protective glove on your hand. The simple interface features a QWERTY keyboard that acts much like a smartphone, therefore is very familiar and easy to use.


Small Footprint

CapTrack is designed to improve overall efficiency, productivity and safety in the laboratory. This was accomplished while keeping a small footprint and reducing the amount of space needed to operate CapTrack. Its compact size also makes CapTrack easily and conveniently portable. Simply place it on a cart and move it anywhere.


Advanced Lighting Technology

CapTrack's advanced lighting technology provides an easy-to-understand visual indicator of what to do next for each sample. The unique LED lighting surrounds each individual tube in a halo of blue, green or red which allows staff to easily identify the status of the sample.


Durable and Reliable Construction

12mm and 13mm tubes are held securely in a strong aluminum ring. The outer cover is made from a durable fiberglass composite. All internal mechanical and electronic components have been meticulously selected and integrated to ensure longevity. CapTrack is built for continuous operation.


RFID Communication

CapTrack utilizes RFID technology to assign tube racks with a unique ID. Individual samples are assigned to their respective rack and easily recalled later using the Retriever function. This unique sample management device significantly decreases the amount of time needed to recall blood samples.


Manufacturer Lab Improvements
Actual Product Weight 50
Cap Capacity ~2000
Database Capacity 100,000 Entries
Processing Capacity ~500 Samples/Hr
Positions 48
Display Type Full Color LCD Touchscreen
Touchscreen Type Capacitive
Languages English, French, German, Spanish
Operating Temperature +5 - +30°C
Power Consumption 160 W, 1.5 A
Power Supply 120-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Country of Manufacture Canada
Item Ships From Minnesota


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CapTrack Data Sheet
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CapTrack User Manual


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