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Cannon Aquilion accessory kits offer easy patient transfer, positioning, and successful imaging in the CT suite using integrated table pads, slide rails, covers, head holders and other devices.

Canon Standard CT Accessory Kit for Aquilion Short System with Head Holder include the following:

  • 9106F Short Table Pad: Table Pad for Aquilion short couch, 1" x 18.33" x 78.75" with scan range line.
  • 9109 Cover for Short Table Pad #9106F: Frosted vinyl table cover "sleeve" with flap. Access holes on bottom side of cover allow pad to adhere to table top Velcro. Compatible with all previous table pad designs.*
  • 9078 Detachable Slide Rail with Extender, Short: Slide rail attaches to couch separately from pad. Companion to the slide straps 9061 and 9062 for easy strap positioning within scan range only. 57" Long. Packed inside table pad carton.**
  • 9006 Chin Strap: Placed under the patient’s chin to comfortably secure the patient in the head holder, allowing for stable and consistent imaging.
  • 9007 Forehead Strap with Adult Pad: Placed around the patient’s forehead to comfortably secure the patient in the head holder, allowing for stable and consistent imaging.
  • 9008 Adult Head Rest Kit: Comfort and stabilization pads for CT head holder. Consists of (1) Medium size and (1) Large size for Aquilion Series.
  • 9009 Tilt Wedge: Unique, angled patient positioning wedge to assist with patient positioning in imaging procedures. For Aquilion Series, 9" x 6.5" x 3.38"
  • 9017 Knee Wedge: Coated, foam, wedge comfortably elevates patient’s knees while maintaining image integrity. For Aquilion Series, 21.88" x 18.33" x 10.70"
  • 9020F Pediatric Lift Pad: Provides additional padding for children whose shoulders may feel uncomfortable on the head holder attachment points.
  • 9025 Coronal Head/Extremity Holder: This comfortable, prone-imaging, head holder provides unobstructed imaging of the temples. Also serves as a foot positioning device by placing the heel in the chin pad and the ball of the foot on the forehead pad.
  • 9061 Wide Security Strap: Black, nylon, straps glide along slide rails on each side of table; affix to one another for easy securing of patients. Two at 14" **
  • 9113 Wide Bariatric Extension Strap: Affixes and lengthens 9061 Wide Security Strap for bariatric patients.**
  • 9062 Medium Security Strap: Black, nylon, straps glide along slide rails on each side of table; affix to one another for easy securing of patients. Two at 6"
  • 9114 Medium Bariatric Extension Strap: Affixes and lengthens 9062 Wide Security Strap for bariatric patients.
  • 9077 Foot Extension Pad: Comfort Pad for Foot Extension, matches Table Pad construction and color, 1" x 18.33"
  • 9112 Foot Extension Pad Cover: Frosted vinyl pad cover, envelope-style. Flap tucks or slides under pad protecting joint, between couch and foot extension, from fluids.
  • 9090 Aquilion Pediatric & Adult Head Holder Kit: Accommodate all patients with a single head holder. All patient ages are comfortably positioned for accurate imaging using any of three sizes of head holders and wedge pads placed behind and/or beside the head. Kit includes:
          • 9091 Carbon Fiber Head Holder: head pads and wedges accommodate all patients
          • 9092 Adult Head Pad: Head pad, adult
          • 9093 Child Head Pad: Head pad, child
          • 9094 Infant Head Pad: Head pad, infant
          • 9095 Side Wedge Pads: for use between side of patient's head/cheek and with head pads
          • 9096 Bottom Wedge Pads: for use with head pad and bottom of head holder, elevates patient's forehead
          • 9097 Head Straps: Set of 3. For use with 9090 and 9073 kit

* Previous versions of the table cover are no longer available. If your current table pad has flaps they must be removed to accommodate the new table pad by simply cutting them off. This will not damage the pad or imaging quality.

** Aquilion systems are often shipped, not only with Domico Med-Device straps but with additional gray strap sets with a male runner. These are not compatible with Domico Med-Device parts and cannot be re-ordered from Domico Med-Device.


Manufacturer Domico Med-Device
Latex Free Yes
Country of Manufacture United States
Item Ships From Michigan


Warranty: 60 days from date of shipment against manufacturing defects.


Customers wishing to return this product must contact Customer Service to obtain a valid return authorization number within 30 days of receipt. Please note, due to infection control concerns, to qualify for a return all parts must be unused and in the original packaging. The sealed plastic bag can not have been opened. A decontamination form will be provided when the RMA is issued and the completed form must be included with the return. A minimum restocking fee of 25% will apply to all returns.


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