Product Description

  • Aluminum constructed series of encasements eliminates downtime and shrinks repair bills by protecting your grid from incidental bumps and scratches, while reducing the risk of contamination due to blood & other spills
  • Fewer artifacts, less downtime, improved patient care, and more budgetary room are a few benefits of using the Protect-A-Grid
  • Snap cassette into Protect-A-Grid Drop On Style
  • 103 lines per inch
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  • Country of Origin: United States of America

In a focused grid, the lead strips are tilted progressively as they move away from the center.
Lines through each of these strips would converge at a point known as the grid focus.
Please select the model with your required focal distance.

Parallel grids are available, please contact Customer Service to customize your grid order.
With a parallel grid, only lead strips directly under the x-ray tube are perfectly aligned with the primary rays.
To minimize shadows cast by strips not in alignment, use grid ratios no higher than 6:1 and tube-grid distances no less than 48". Contact the manufacturer of your imaging system to determine the grid style that best suits your imaging needs.


    Manufacturer REINA IMAGING
    Item Ships From Illinois
    GSA Contract Number V797D-40246


    This item is made to order in your size and configuration selections and as such is not able to be returned.


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    Customer Questions
    Is there a weight limit for the CR drop on grids?

    This item is not meant to be used in any type of weight bearing studies. However, as long as the cassette is inserted, a patient is able to lay across the top without issue as the weight will be evenly distributed. This item is meant to protect your cassette from incidental bumps and scratches, while reducing the risk of contamination due to blood & other spills.

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