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Universal Medical’s Patient Laser Goggles will ensure patient’s safety in close-to-the-eye aesthetic applications. The eye is one of the most important and yet sensitive organ in the entire body. It is important to keep your patient’s eyes fully protected from direct or scattered laser light. The patient laser glasses were designed to provide maximum protection to the patient’s eyes during laser procedures, such as aesthetic applications. Many aesthetic applications include laser light close to the eyes, such as facial skin treatments and facial medical procedures. These glasses are ideal for close-to-the-eye procedures and will tightly cover the eye area to provide a high level of protection from laser radiation. This ocular shaped design conforms to the shape of the eye orbital area, allowing physicians (such as dermatologists) open access for treatment of the nose bridge, temples and other areas close to the eye.

These patient laser goggles are fully adjustable, including a bend-to-fit nosepiece to fit a patient’s preferences and needs. The goggles are stainless steel and unbreakable. Your patients will be well protected with these durable eye-cup glasses which also have a non-reflective brush finish and polished interior surface. Non-reflective materials are crucial in all laser procedures to ensure full safety measures. Common items such as jewelry, watches and ID badges can create reflections that can cause a hazardous environment for patients and medical personnel. The patient laser glasses are safe for all types of lasers and IPL systems. You can ensure you patients maximum protection by selecting these block out glasses from Universal Medical.

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