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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Lasers are often used in cosmetic and dermatological medical fields. While performing laser procedures with an IPL laser, you must wear protective eyewear, such as our IPL Intense Pulse Laser Glasses. These filters are not only a necessary safety component; they are a requirement to wear during all laser procedures. Universal Medical’s IPL laser glasses will keep your health care facility in compliance with ANSI Z1136.3 standards, designed for those working with class 3B and 4 lasers.

The IPL Laser glasses have polycarbonate lenses incorporated into the frame. These lenses are designed to be light in weight for an overall comfortable fit. Not only is polycarbonate less expensive than glass, the material is lighter allowing more comfort for medical staff during long periods of time. It is necessary to have laser glasses that will block out the specific wavelength range from the laser you are working with. The Intense Pulse Laser Glasses have wavelength ranges including 550-1100 nm (nanometers) at 1.5+ optical density and 620-1050 nm (nanometers) at 3+ optical density. They also have green colored lenses with a 9% visible light transmission. There are a variety of laser safety standards that must be followed, importantly the American National Standards Institute’s Z136 series of standards. Like other potentially hazardous applications, lasers can be safely used through protective eyewear, equipment and well trained personnel.

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