Excimer & CO2 Laser Glasses

CO2 Excimer Laser Glasses | Excimer Laser Safety Eye Protection

The proper laser safety glasses to protect against Excimer and CO2 lasers would be the CO2 excimer laser glasses from Universal Medical. It is not only a safety component to wear laser safety glasses, it is a requirement for all medical, cosmetic, surgical or dental laser procedures. The Excimer and CO2 laser glasses you will keep your organization compliant with ANSI standards. The importance of ANSI Z136.3 standards is significant when working around Class 3B and Class 4 lasers in health care facilities.

The Excimer and CO2 laser glasses were created with clear lenses allowing 82% visible light transmission. Being able to see as much as possible is always important in the medical setting, the VLT (visible light transmission) is the amount of visible transmitted light that is permitted through a laser filter. An 82% visible light transmission will give medical personnel the ability to view their patients clearly. The lenses are made of a material known as polycarbonate (POLY). Polycarbonate is a lightweight material that allows comfort for medical personnel while they work through long laser procedures. The material found in polycarbonate is less expensive when compared to glass, making the laser glasses more affordable.

The Excimer laseris considered a cool laser, meaning it does not heat the surrounding areas or surface. This laser is often used in therapeutic treatments, laser eye surgery and many other medical procedures. The CO2 laser is a gas laser which uses carbon dioxide as the active medium. The CO2 laser is commonly used in veterinary surgeries, dermatologic treatments and other various medical procedures.

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