Double Yag Diode Glasses

YAG Double Laser Glasses | Multiwave Diode Laser Glasses

The Yag Double Laser Glasses will protect your eyes while working with your double Yag and Diode lasers. These laser safety glasses are considered a multi-wavelength filter and will work well for those with multi-wavelength requirements. It is necessary that all medical personnel wear laser safety glasses when working around powerful laser systems. ANSI standards require those working around Class 3B and Class 4 laser systems to wear protective eyewear. These working environments include all medical, dental, clinical and cosmetic facilities that use medium or high-powered laser systems.

The Multiwave Diode Laser Glasses are equipped with brown polycarbonate lenses and offer a visible light transmission of 33%. Polycarbonate lenses are commonly used in laser glasses because the polycarbonate material is lightweight yet durable, perfect for medical and clinical settings. Finding the best frame design will be easy with our variety of comfortable frames to choose from.

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