D81 Diode Laser Glasses

The D81 Diode Laser Safety Glasses will keep physicians, medical personnel and patients protected against diode lasers. It is important to prevent ocular injuries and potential hazards caused by direct or reflected laser beams. Since it is not only a safety aspect but a requirement, laser glasses should be worn in all medical, surgical, dental and cosmetic laser procedures. Lasers are considered sources of non-ionizing radiation that can cause irreversible damage to your eyes.

Be sure to select laser glasses that will block out the appropriate wavelength range and optical density from the laser you are working with. The D81 diode laser glasses protect against a wavelength range of 800-830 nanometers at 5+ optical density. The yellow/green lenses allow a 68% visible light transmission. The lens on these specific filters are made of polycarbonate (POLY), which is a lightweight material commonly used for laser protection. Frequently, medical personnel will request laser glasses of a light weight nature, mainly for comfort when working in a laser procedure for a prolonged amount of time. It is important to correlate your laser eyewear with your laser equipment. A certified laser safety officer (LSO) in your facility will help you determine what safety glasses you should use. Universal Medical’s D81 diode laser glasses will keep your organization in accordance with ANSI Z136.3 standards, working with high power Class 3B and Class 4 lasers and laser systems. With the D81 diode laser glasses, you can confirm the highest quality eye protection for your physicians, staff and patients. 

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