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Universal Medical’s Argon KTP laser safety glasses are designed to protect your eyes against both argon and KTP lasers. Lasers have become a central component of many clinical techniques and treatments today. Our Argon Laser Glasses meet ANSI Z136.3 standards for laser protection, designated for those working around class 3b and 4 lasers and laser systems in the health care setting. While working with your argon and KTP lasers, it is a requirement to wear protective eyewear at all times during laser procedures.

By wearing a lightweight pair of laser glasses, medical staff will experience a higher level of comfort when working in elongated laser procedures. Compared to glass lenses, polycarbonate lenses are less expensive because the cost of the material is less. It is critical that the operating laser system is matched with the correct pair of laser glasses, for maximum protection. Simply match the laser with the wavelength range and optical density measurements. The Argon KTP laser glasses protect a wavelength range of 190-532 nm at 5+ optical density and 5,000-11,000 nm at 6+ optical density. These specific filters have orange colored lenses that allow a 46.4% visible light transmission.

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