Bean Bag Positioners

Vacuum Bean bag positioners are a popular way to immobilize patients securely and comfortably during surgical procedures. Their unrivaled flexibility makes them incredibly easy to use - simply place the patient on the vacuum bean bag positioner, mold the bag around the patient, and then use the pump to apply negative pressure and create a rigid structure that conforms perfectly to the surgical site. After the procedure, vacuum-pac positioners can be effortlessly cleaned and stored away.

The MedVac brand bean bag positioner immobilizers utilize a patented multi-chamber system containing tiny, evenly-spaced beads that conform comfortably to the extremity being examined. We also offer two infant splints that can eliminate the need for sedation when performing pediatric MRIs. MedVac vacuum-pac positioners are durable, simple to use, easy to clean, and very thin, allowing them to be used in most any coil. Medvac bean bag positioners are imperative parts of vacuum-pac positioning.

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