Surgical Arm Tables

Our surgical arm tables are a must for every OR and procedure room where you perform hand and arm surgeries or other procedures that require stabilization of your patient's arm. Our broad selection of surgical arm tables includes models from Allen Medical, ISI Medical, MidCentral Medical, and SchureMed. Several tables offer your choice of phenolic or carbon fiber tops, as well as single or double legs. Built-in handles deliver effortless portability and storage. Pads and replacement pads improve patient comfort and keep your table fresh for years to come.

Our Carter Hand Surgery tables, the gold standard of surgical arm tables, allow for the easy application of traction during a procedure and can quickly convert to a legless design when traction is not in use. Our Mobile Base Hourglass Arm & Hand Surgery Table maximizes flexibility by making it easy to relocate/reposition the table where you need it.

Our surgical arm tables accommodate a variety of surgeries and examinations, including carpal tunnel releases, radiology procedures, AV fistulas, and C-arm procedures. They provide superior access to the surgical site while ensuring the proper patient positioning. Choose the right table for the procedures you perform to ensure your patient's safety and operate efficiently and comfortably.

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