MRI Headsets

When an MRI suite utilizes MRI safe headsets, the potential for patient stress and claustrophobia is greatly decreased. The loud noises made by the MRI machine during an exam can make it very difficult for a patient to remain calm through the procedure.

Non-magnetic headsets are a valuable contributor to inhibiting that problem. Blocking out the sound of the gradient amplifiers is vital, as the volume is so loud it not only causes patient stress but is dangerous to the ears. The importance of MRI noise guards should never be underestimated, as they shield the ears from the unsafe amplification of MRI scanners. Our MRI-compatible headsets are comfortable and easy to wear while effectively protecting the ears. MRI safe headphones work with most MRI music systems. It’s a well-known fact that the noise inside an MRI machine can be as loud as a jet engine, and securing the safety of the patients, by defending against that noise, is absolutely fundamental for any operating MRI suite. Equipping your facility with MRI safe headsets will increase productivity by preventing the need of repeat scans because of a blurred image caused by patients moving during the procedure, and it is the safe and reliable step towards eliminating claustrophobia and patient anxiety.

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