MRI Sound Systems

While sitting motionless for extended periods of time in an MRI machine, patients often appreciate the comfort of listening to an MRI sound system to distract them from the less appealing aspects of the MRI procedure. Since MRI technology utilizes magnetic and radio waves to create detailed images, it is necessary to have specific nonmagnetic sound equipment instead of a typical stereo.

  • Basic MRI sound systems featuring AM/FM tuners.
  • Complete MRI stereo systems with CD and radio capabilities.
  • Communication systems allowing the patient to speak with the technician.
  • Several styles of noise guard headsets for patient use.
  • Sanitary covers for headsets in cases of 500 or 1000.
  • MRI sound accessories including a patient amplifier and desktop microphone

In order to provide your patients with comfort and piece of mind during their MRI scans, we proudly offer a variety of nonmagnetic sound systems. MRI sound equipment is an affordable, practical implementation that not only entertains the patients, but permits them to communicate with the technicians during the image scanning.

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