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Our test tube racks and test tube holders help you organize, store, and transport test tubes in your laboratory.  Organization, proper storage, and safe transport of test tubes and vials are crtical when you're conducting experiments or evaluating patient specimens.

Test tube racks range in size, color, and composition.  Our racks and holders are made from a variety of materials, such as plastic, wire, polystyrene, foam, fiberglass, and polypropylene.  Many are designed for a specific purpose, such as our Acrylic Draw Station, which helps organize and separate phlebotomy supplies.  Other racks deliver a specific feature, such as the ability to stack multiple racks or interconnect them.  Our Work 2 StoreĀ® Expanding Storage Rack is an example of a test tube rack that is both stackable and expandable to make it easier to manipulate samples. This type of space-saving test tube rack is ideal to safely keep tubes on an individual bench top or for test tube storage in refrigerators and freezers.  Our Polypropylene Interlocking Cube Racks offer a colorful way to work with different sized tubes (such as culture, centrifuge, and microcentrifuge), all within the same plane.

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