Laboratory shakers are often used for sedimentation studies and cell and tissue work. Shakers operate differently from laboratory mixers in that shakers are designed to move back and forth on a horizontal plane. This means that they push the liquid from one side of the container to the other. The two main types of shakers are orbital and incubated shakers.

Orbital shakers are ideal for cell and tissue culture work and they move in a circular motion along the horizontal plane. This circular motion allows for the excellent aeration of samples and the even distribution of cells and nutrients throughout the flask. We offer orbital shakers with several different speed options and with the add-on of a rubber mat platform. Incubated shakers have a very similar design and motion to the orbital shaker. The main difference between incubated and orbital shakers is incubated shakers are enclosed and have a temperature control. This type of an enclosed design allows the user to mix samples at a specific temperature with ease. 


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