Laboratory mixers are often used for vigorously mixing or agitating the samples. The most common type of mixer is magnetic stirrers. These stirrers have a strong magnet that allows the magnetic bar to stir the liquid. The stirrers can also mix liquids with a variety of different speeds. These speeds range from gentle mixing to agitation. We also offer magnetic stirrers that come with a heated or a non-heated platform.

Vortex mixers are another type of laboratory mixer that is often used. These mixers specialize in vigorously mixing, agitating and re-suspension of samples. Unlike magnetic stirrers, vortex mixers do not utilize a magnetic bar to mix liquids. These mixers actually mix samples by operating in a circular motion with a relatively small orbit. The user also has the option of operating the vortex mixer in a continuous mode or a touch setting. The standard vortex mixer usually comes with a rubber cup that accommodates a single tube. We provide several different types of laboratory mixers including vortex mixers and magnetic stirrers.

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