Arm Anatomical Models

Colorful, tactile anatomical models are valuable educational tools to have on hand; arm anatomy models are no exception. Our extensive selection of arm anatomical models includes arm skeleton models, arm bone models, biomechanical arm kit, and forearm muscle threader. Human arm skeleton models are perfect for hands-on study by individuals and lab teams preparing for quizzes and lab practicals. For example, the

For example, the Premier Mini-Arm Skeleton Model which is a 12-inch replica of the human arm and has been designed to reproduce the natural motions of the upper extremity. Ideal as a teaching aid, the beautifully designed Premier Arm Skeleton with Painted and Labeled Muscle Attachments is constructed of quality medical plastic and features hand-lettered muscles identified by name. Looking for individual bones? We offer a complete selection of individual arm bone models including the right or left humerus, ulna, radius, scapula, and clavicle bones; ideal for hands-on classroom learning.

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