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Protect your eyes from harmful radiation with these comfortable, lightweight, and durable design RG-33 fitover radiation protective glasses!

  • 0.75 mm Pb lead equivalent glass front lenses
  • 0.5 mm Pb lead equivalent lateral protection
  • High-Lite Transmission Lenses with 20% More Visible Light, 1.80 High Index Lenses
  • Standard radiation lenses have a measured thickness of 2.4mm - 2.5mm
  • The frame is constructed of durable TR-90 nylon
  • Designed to fit over prescription eye-wear and almost any style of glasses with comfort
  • Overall Dimensions - Bridge Size: 16 mm, Frame Width: 145 mm, Temple Size: 127 mm, Lens Width: 60mm, Lens Height: 41 mm
  • Weight: 90 grams
  • CE 0598 Certified
  • Latex free
  • Ships with case, adjustable strap & microfiber pouch

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Manufacturer Phillips Safety Products
Actual Product Weight 90g
Available in Rx No
Gender Unisex
Item Ships From New Jersey
GSA Contract Number V797D-40246


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Storage: Eyewear should be stored in clean and sanitary "ready for use" condition in an area away from dust, dirt and other contaminants. Storage at normal room temperature and low relative humidity is ideal.

Cleaning for Standard and Anti-Reflective Coated Lenses: Rinse all dirt, dust and particles from lenses by running under a stream of tepid water. Failure to rinse debris will eventually result in lens scratches that cannot be removed. Apply a small amount of water-diluted dish soap to lenses and gently rub over the entire surface. Rinse the lenses thoroughly under a stream of water, and wipe dry with a dry cloth. Always store dry, eyewear, face-up in a storage case to avoid scratches.

Cleaning for FOG FREE Lenses: Always use a microfiber cloth to clean and dry lenses, and never rub lenses hard. Be Gentle with your lenses. Use a combination of 4 parts alcohol to 1 part water to clean lenses with a microfiber cloth. Thoroughly dry with a microfiber cloth. After cleaning, the strength of the fog free coating will be temporarily weakened. For best results, clean the glasses at the end of the day and leave them in an open, dry area outside of a storage case for several hours/overnight so that the coating can dry completely. Do not use ammonia or chlorine as a cleaner. Do not rinse or submerge lenses in water. Coating performance will be permanently affected if the above instructions are not followed. Always store dry, eyewear, face-up in a storage case to avoid scratches.

Maintenance: Examine eyewear frequently. If lenses become pitted, chipped or in other ways damaged cease use immediately. End user maintenance should be limited to tightening of hinge screws when necessary.

Warranty: All Phillips Safety products are fully guaranteed against manufacturer defects (material and workmanship) for 1 year from the date of purchase. This does not cover negligent use of the product (including scratched lenses). Coating issues caused by cleaning lenses in a manner other than listed above will void the warranty. Phillips-Safety will repair or replace any defective merchandise at no charge. All shipping charges remain payable by the purchaser.

Recycling/Disposal: All Frames are nylon, acetate, aluminum or ferrous materials. Frames can be recycled with like metals or plastics. Leaded lenses contain 70% lead oxide. Lenses should be sent to an approved lead recycling facility or may be returned to the manufacturer for appropriate disposal. Please contact Customer Service for detailed instructions.


Customers wishing to return this product must contact Customer Service to obtain a valid return authorization number within 14 days of receipt. A restocking fee may be deducted at the discretion of the manufacturer. Prescription orders cannot be returned. Frames with custom imprints cannot be returned.

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Customer Questions
Do you have RX eye protection that will protect from uv light, for example in a dental office?
I think you may mean Radiation protection, as opposed to Rx protection. Unfortunately, we do not. Our Radiation Safety glasses only protect against radiation exposure, not other sources such as UV light or Lasers.
Do I have to have the anti reflective and anti fog in my radiation glass?
No, these are optional lens enhancements, they do not have to be selected when purchasing.
Is there a pair of lead protective eye wear with a built in reading box at the lower portion of the glass, in a small women's size?
Many of our Radiation Glasses can be made with a Bifocal. You would first want to sort the category to display frames available with Prescription lenses. From there you can review the available frames. Select Lined Bifocal and indicate the power you need the bifocal to be. If the upper lens will not have an Rx, indicate that will be plano.
How wide are these glasses? Is the glass tinted? Is there an untinted version?
The overall dimensions of this frame are - Eye Size: 62 mm, Bridge Size: 15 mm, Temple Size: 145 mm. The lenses themselves are not tinted. The side protection is not a lens, instead it is a strip of leaded material adhered to the sides of the frame.
How long do these glasses usually last? We're a veterinary clinic. We do a few images daily, and some patients need a handler to be in the room during x-ray production.
This item does not have an expiration date. The lead included in the lenses will not break down with time.
Would it fit over 133 × 42 mm prescription glasses?
These glasses will accommodate frames that have a width of approximately 135mm or smaller.
What is the vertical measurement?
These glasses are 62 mm in height.
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