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The Ruby Laser Glasses allow you to work safely with your ruby laser system. The ruby laser was designed to isolate and radiate wavelengths of light, projected for many medical and scientific purposes. The eye safety of your physicians, medical personnel and patients is essential when they are working around high powered laser systems. Your medical staff will have full confidence in laser protection while wearing ruby laser eyewear. These filters will allow your facility to remain compliant with the required ANSI Z136.3 standards.

The lens type in Ruby laser glasses is a polycarbonate (POLY) material that is very light in weight. It can be very helpful for medical staff to wear lightweight laser glasses in time-consuming procedures to maximize their comfort level. The lenses are a teal shaded color allowing 33.8% visible light transmission. Appropriately matching the wavelength range to the specific laser system is crucial. The Ruby laser glasses protect 680-710 nm at 4+ optical density and 690-700 nm at 7+ optical density. It is important to properly care for your safety glasses, by keeping them in a protective unit while not being used. A unit that is similar to our Clearly Safe Acrylic Safety Eyeglass Dispenser would be useful for easy access to multiple laser glasses. Irreparable damage to parts of the eye and partial or full loss of vision are possible when not wearing ruby laser eyewear during laser procedures. The appropriate knowledge, training and equipment in laser safety can be greatly valuable for your medical staff.

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