Multiwave Yag Laser

Multiwave Yag Laser Glasses | Multiwave Yag Laser Eye Protection

The Multiwave Yag Laser Glasses will block direct and reflected laser radiation from yag, alexandrite and diode laser systems. The lens type in the Multiwave Yag Alexandrite Diode laser glasses is made of glass. The benefits of having glass lens are durability and better visibility. Your laser glasses will last longer and hold full protection within the glass. Some manufacturers will only coat the top of lens with protection, meaning the smallest scratch will compromise the safety of the filter making the pair not safe to use. The lenses are a light blue color permitting 64% visible light transmission. Having increased light visibility will reduce the chances for potential accidents, for instance, tripping or knocking over objects within the room.

Lasers and laser systems can produce highly intense beams of light. If this beam of light is accidently directed or reflected upon an individual without laser glasses, they can suffer permanent eye damage. Universal Medical offers laser glasses to keep your facility compliant with ANSI Z136.3 standards. These standards are in place to keep regulation for those working with high power Class3B and Class 4 lasers and laser systems. By selecting laser safety glasses from Universal Medical you will keep your medical staff and patients at ease knowing they have complete eye protection. The wavelength range of 700-1200 nm (nanometers) at 7+ optical density will be protected with multiwave yag laser eye protection. It is important to note that they higher the optical density, the more laser radiation will be intercepted. Optical Density is merely used to measure the level of absorption of a particular wavelength. For example, an optical density (OD) of 7 stops all except 0.00001 of the laser frequency.

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