Laser Strike Glasses

Laser strike glasses are a specific family of laser eye protection (LEP) designed to be an effective laser countermeasure and defense for laser attacks and laser pointer attacks.

Law enforcement, security personnel, and other critical first responders face the threat of laser strikes and attacks. Pilots and aircrew members in the US face thousands of laser attacks each year. Even athletes and entertainers can be a target of a laser pointer attack. In short, our laser strike glasses are a must-have safety measure for anyone who may face a laser pointer attack.

Our collection of laser strike glasses provide an effective countermeasure to protect your sensitive eyes from these harmful attacks. They meet and comply with key industry specifications and standards, such as ANSI Z87.1 and ANSI Z136.1. Most laser attacks use green lasers; a smaller share of laser attacks use blue lasers. Laser pointer attacks using red lasers are relatively rare.

Our laser strike glasses use colored polycarbonate filters to protect your eyes by reducing the laser beam. For example, laser strike glasses that target green lasers provide green beam reduction. Our laser strike glasses include filters that defend against 1, 2, or 3 laser beams. Orange/peach filters protect against green lasers or blue/green lasers/beams. Green filters protect against blue/green/red lasers/beams.

These filters reduce the amount of light having that color that reaches your eyes. For example, our laser strike glasses with orange/peach filters will reduce the amount of green you see, making other colors more dominant. Green lights may appear more blue or more yellow; white lights may appear more yellow or red. It's important to be aware of the loss of color cues when wearing our laser strike glasses and compensate by relying more on other, non-color related cues.

Our product range includes both wrap-around and fit-over styles. Wrap-around laser strike glasses provide extra protection from the temple bars; some models even include side shields for extra protection. Fit-over laser strike glasses, such as frames marked Model 33, are designed to be worn over your existing prescription eyewear.

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