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The Helium Neon laser, commonly abbreviated HeNe, is a type of gas laser used in a multitude of medical applications. Universal Medical’s Helium Neon Laser Glasses will shield your eyes against laser radiation from the HeNe laser. It is imperative to keep your facility compliant with ANSI (American National Standards Institute) principles. Safety regulations are fundamental when working around laser radiation and it is important to keep your medical personnel, physicians and patients protected.

The lenses located in the Helium Neon Laser Glasses are made from polycarbonate (POLY). This material was developed for many applications. Since polycarbonate is a lightweight material, it gives medical staff a high level of comfort while working in lengthy laser procedures. The particular filters found in these laser glasses have blue shaded lens, allowing 36.6% visible light transmission. Polycarbonate glasses tend to be more affordable in price and maintain the same protection. It is important to match the wavelength range to the operating laser. The HeNe Laser Eyewear protects against the following wavelengths including 190-380 nm at 5+ optical density and 633 nm at 2+ optical density.

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