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The Erbium CO2 laser safety glasses will protect your eyes against laser radiation from CO2 and Erbium lasers. Damage to the eye from direct or reflected laser beams can occur instantaneously, so it is crucial to wear appropriate laser glasses in procedures. ANSI Z136.3 standards currently classify those working with Class 3B and Class 4 lasers and laser systems in health care facilities. The Erbium Laser Glasses will keep your organization in accordance with these standards.

They have a clear color lens allowing 85% visible light transmission. Visible light transmission can be very beneficial so that your medical personnel can clearly view their patients. The lenses contained in these filters were created with CR-39 plastic. This type of plastic is transparent in the visible spectrum and is noticeably lighter in weight compared to glass. It is important to match the wavelength range measurements with the operating laser system.The Erbium laser safety glasses will shield from the following wavelength measurements including 190-340 nm at 7+ optical density, 2760-3470 nm at 7+ optical density, and 5000-11,000 nm at 7+ optical density.

Irreversible eye damage and permanent partial or full loss of vision can occur when laser safety glasses are not worn appropriately. Keep your medical staff, physicians and patients informed and protected against laser radiation with erbium laser safety glasses from Universal Medical.

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